Bellow are the courses I have taken in Methodist University

Here is the Academic Catalog, click Here

BIO 1530 Fund Biology
ENG 1000 Skills Dev In English
FYS 1100 MU Journey
LIB 1000 Library Competency
MAT 1050 College Algebra
RMT 1010 Intro Hospitality Management
CHE 1510 General Chemistry I
CHE 1520 General Chemistry II
ENG 1010 Composition
MAT 1130 Pre Calculus I
PSY 1010 General Psychology
CHE 3210 Organic Chemistry I
CHE 3510 Quantitative Analysis
JUS 3090 Criminology
MAT 2200 Applied Statistics
REL 1500 Eastern Religious Traditions
SAB 1000 Study Abroad
ENG 1020 Intro To Literature

JUS 2420 Intro To Forensic Science