Internal Assessment are papers that I wrote in various of my classes while I was doing the IB Programme in The Netherlands. Attached you will find laboratory work, fieldwork in geography, and investigations in mathematics that I have conducted.


The Iodine Number

The Iodine value is defined as the number of grams of iodine in which will add a 100 grams of fat or oil. Unsaturated oils and fats reacts with iodine and form saturated oils and fats, iodine number shows the level of unsaturation of the fatty acids in an oil or fat and thereby measures the unsaturated bonds


Delimiting the CBD of Maastricht

The aim of this investigation is to delimit the CBD of Maastricht. According to the definition given earlier in introduction, delimiting the CBD of Maastricht is having boundaries stablished between the most concentrated area in terms of economic and social activities of a city and the less concentrated area, basically delimiting the CBD is describing the city centre or define the edges of CBD.


Poverty and HIV Prevalence in Sub-Sahara Africa

According to International Labour Office, there are strong bi-directional linkages between HIV/AIDS and poverty in resource-poor settings. HIV/AIDS is both a manifestation of poverty conditions that exist, taking hold where livelihoods are unsustainable, and the result of the unmitigated impact of the epidemic on social and economic conditions. HIV/AIDS is at the same time a cause and an outcome of poverty, and poverty is both a cause and an outcome of HIV/AIDS


Life Expectancy and Fertility in Japan

In my introduction I predicted that has the life expectancy increases, fertility rate will decrease and my scatter plot proved that. My chi-squared test proved that life expectancy is not dependent of fertility rate.