CHAMPS Supervisor

CHAMPS is a projected designed by the Tutoring Centre in Methodist University. The main goal of this program is to help students athletes with lower GPA and help them success in their college life.

As a supervisor, I help student with academics and I supervise them while they are studying and dedicating a few hours of their day in becoming better students and achieve greater GPAs.

Semester at Sea Global Ambassador

SAS Global Ambassadors are outstanding and articulate SAS student alumni who possess a strong desire to spread the mission, vision, and value of Semester at Sea on their college or university campus. Through innovation and creativity, each ambassador keeps their story of SAS alive and invites others to embark on their own voyage of discovery with SAS.

As an ambassador I am able to relive my voyage every time I give presentations or hold info sessions with students on my home campus. It is a great opportunity to share the extraordinary experiences I lived while studying abroad and perhaps inspire other students to pursue their dreams and become Global Citizens.

Math Tutor

I am a Pre-Calculus I tutor. As a math tutor I supervise students in classrooms; proctor academic exams; assess students' progress throughout tutoring sessions; provide private instruction to individual and small groups of students to improve academic performance and prepare for academic tests